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Honey Bee Removals & Rescues 5

On 18 April 05 I received a call from a family in Madison about a swarm of bees on their front porch.† When we got there the swarm was gone.† Three days later I† received another call about bees in their ceiling fan on the front porch.† I went back and sure enough there were bees going into the fan at the ceiling.† Found out that there have been bees in the ceiling for over a year.† The owner had sealed up the first entrance but they found another entrance in the fan.† I set up a trap box on a 4x4 post and secured a screen cone to the fan opening in the ceiling after I took down the fan.† On 10 May I got a call that there were tons of bees in the cone.† I went and checked and sure enough the colony had swarmed and the cone was full of bees.† I shook them out.† A few days later I checked the colony and the bees all moved into the trap.† The queen was also in there too.† What good luck.† You usually donít get the queen when you trap out bees from a structure.† Iím sure that a new queen had hatched inside the ceiling area.† After the bees had stopped coming out of the ceiling, about 3 weeks later, I sealed up the ceiling fan cutout with foam and reinstalled the fan.† I moved these bees to a permanent hive box and took them to one of my bee yards.

Porch Bees, Madison, Alabama

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