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Honey Bee Removals & Rescues 7

I thought I would use some High-Fructose Corn Syrup in my hummingbird feeders this year.  Man the hummingbirds really loved it too!  After not having hummingbirds around for about 7 years I suddenly had 13 showing up regularly.  I even added three more feeders to handle the crowd.  Unfortunately I was harvesting honey a couple of weeks later and when I was finished I put the empty supers in my backyard or the girls to finish cleaning.  Well I should have known what was going to happen...duh.  The girls cleaned out the supers in a couple of days and then went looking around for some more sweets.  Guess what they found?  All of my hummingbird feeders freshly filled with syrup.  Well, once the feeding frenzy started the hummingbirds just gave up trying.  The girls were clustered in big gobs on every hummingbird feeder in the yard.  No room for the hummingbirds.  The girls had them emptied in a couple of days and I haven’t put them back up yet.  I wonder if the girls will find them again this spring.  We’ll see.

Hummingbird Feeder Bees, Madison, Alabama

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