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Honey Bee Removals & Rescues 4

In Mid- August 05 got call about some bees in a tree in the Harvest/Bobo area.  Turned out to be an exposed colony.  This colony was fairly large and had set up home in a maple tree in these folks front yard next to their driveway.  I cut the branch that the hive was connected to and set it in a hive body that was stacked on top of a shallow super.  I needed the extra space because the hive was so tall.  I placed frames of drawn comb on both sides of the hive in the hive body.  I then set another hive body with frames of drawn comb with syrup in the honeycomb on top in an effort to get them to move up into and away from their old honeycomb.  I then moved this hive to one of my bee yards and nuised them through the winter.

I also found a small female grey tabby stray kitten that had been hanging around the property.  She had an injured back left leg and the residents couldn’t keep her.  I took her to the Wall Triana Animal Hospital and named her Beetrice for the bee tree.  Beetrice was adopted by a lady that had adopted another small male gray tabby from Wall Triana Animal Hospital a few days before.


Exposed Colony, Harvest, Alabama


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