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Honey Bee Removals & Rescues 3

At the end of  May 2005 I received a call from a friend about a swarm of honey bees at Phillips Park in Monrovia. This was a good size swarm on small Maple tree.  There was a softball tournament going on at the park.  I was amazed to find that no kids had noticed this swarm.  A few parents had noticed it and had the good sense to keep the kids away and they didn’t publicize the fact that it was there.  There were hundreds of people just a few feet from this swarm as it was in the center of the park and next to the stands of one of the softball fields.  With the help of one of the park officials I marked off the area with “caution Tape” and shook the swarm into a hive body.  I Placed this hive body at the base of the tree and let the girls move in.  After I started working on this swarm there was a lot of attention directed my way.  This turned out to be an excellent time for explaining about the lives and habits of Honey Bees as people got to see this unique bee activity first hand.  A year later people are still talking about this swarm capture at the park.  Guess it was a big event for the kids and families.

Phillips Park, Monrovia, Alabama

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