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Honey Bee Removals & Rescues 6

Sometimes beekeepers canít care for their honeybees anymore for a variety of reasons: they move, they loose their bee yards because of construction, they get sick, or they just loose interest.† For whatever reason, it is never a good idea to just abandon your bees to fend for themselves.† This often leads to diseased bee yards and problems for the community and other beekeepers. If you ever need to get rid of your bees contact your local beekeeping association or a local beekeeper as this person did.† I received a call from a man that was moving and, because of business travel, hadnít been able to take care of his bees in a long time...2 years in fact.† When I inspected these two hives they were in sad shape.† Most of the wooden ware was starting to rot and the paint was flaking off.† Between the inner and outer cover of one hive lived a fire ant colony.† The girls had filled the entire hive structure of both colonies with burr comb.† The supers, which were home made, only had top bars for frames in them.† The girls drew the comb out across multiple frames which locked everything together solid.† I had to use a piece of wire to cut the boxes apart so I could separate them and lift them off on another.† Fortunately I didnít find any foulbrood or mites. I medicated these hives anyway just to be safe.† The bees were very well tempered and appeared to be healthy.† Also the hive was packed with very dark honey. Iíve placed a new hive body with frames of foundation and old drawn comb on top of each hive to encourage the bees to move up into new boxes.† I hope this works.

Update:† Success! I have moved both of these colonies into new hives and they are doing very well this year.



Uncared for Bees, Harvest, Alabama

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