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Honey Bee Removals & Rescues 2

In mid- May 05 I received a call about a swarm of bees inside a flower pot.  This turned out to be a Bucket-O-Bees.  The bees had moved into an over turned flower pot that was being used as a stand for another flower pot.  This was a large swarm and the easiest one to capture.  I just picked up the flower pot and dumped the bees into the box.  There was about 4 pounds of bees in the pot.  They had even started drawing honeycomb in the pot had had a good start on a new home after about 12 hours. I took them home for one night to allow them to re-orient themselves to a new hive location first. Then I moved the colony to one of my new bee yards which was fortunately just across the street from where I captured them.

Flower Pot Bees, Monrovia, Alabama

The Perfect new home and bee trap.

A convenient entrance too…

Drain holes in the bottom of the overturned pot.

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