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Honey Bee Removals & Rescues 1

On a beautiful mid-afternoon Saturday in April I received a call from the Madison Square Mall Cinema 12 Theaters about a big swarm in their parking lot.  This swarm was very close to the entrance of the theaters, in a tree above the handicapped parking. This swarm was very large, about 5 pounds.  It was also located near the center of the tree.  The branches were about 21/2 inches thick and we couldn’t shake them at all to knock the bees loose.  We had to back my truck under the swarm and stand in the truck bed.  While holding a hive body with a bottom board attached to it on my shoulder, my daughter gently brushed the bees into the box.  Just as I thought my back, shoulder, and arms couldn’t hold the hive anymore we finished brushing all the bees into the hive.  I placed the hive box down on the tailgate and put an inner cover and outer cover on it and let the rest of the bees move in.

While we were setting up to capture this swarm we had evidentially attracted a lot of attention at the mall.  People had called the mall security and the police saying we were in bio-hazard suits and they feared some sort of toxic spill or something.  One of the mall security officers drove up to us and stopped right under the swarm and demanded to know what we were doing.  It only took 3 seconds for him to realize that we were beekeepers as he was assaulted by angry bees.  I guess his car exhaust and loud engine bothered the girls.  As he peeled out from under the tree he said we were OK and did we need any help.  He provided some traffic cones to keep people from driving under the tree area and hitting us.  Traffic was starting to get rather heavy as it was getting close to movie time.

 After a couple of hours the girls had finished moving in to their new home.  I placed a screened cover on the entrance and moved this hive to one of my bee yards. Collecting this swarm went very well and I only got stung on the nose and knee. 

Madison Square Mall, Madison Alabama

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