"Free Range Bees"

Rohe Bee Ranch

About Us

The Rohe Bee Ranch was established in September 2001. Since it’s start the Rohe Bee Ranch has had an eventful life.  We have won First place ribbons two years in a row at Alabama’s Morgan County Fair for Honey, Jelly, and Herbs. We have also rescued numerous Honey Bee Colonies from almost certain destruction through our extensive “Honey Bee Relocation Program”...or better known as “Hey, can you guys come get these pesky bees off my property?”.  We have also provided tours and presentations for youth groups, churches, neighbors, and schools.  Obviously, we enjoy what we do here.  Honey Bees are wonderful creatures.  They have provided a great deal of opportunities to meet a lot of people.  And they have given me a never ending supply of excuses to make and buy new stuff.

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