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Swarm Removal

If you live outside the Harvest-Monrovia or Madison area please refer to the Madison County Beekeepers Association web page Swarm Removal list at the webpage link below.

MCBA Swarm Removal List

Swarming is a natural part of the honeybee’s lives.  Nature has programmed the honeybee to swarm in early spring to help propagate the species. The hive creates a new queen and the old queen along with about two thirds of the colony leaves to find another new home.  They usually cluster together in a large mass on a branch or some other safe place while scout bees search for a permanent home.  The sight of bees in a swarm is very impressive and sometimes scary.  If left alone the bees will usually leave in a few minutes to a couple of days for their permanent new home.  The concern of the homeowner is where they find their permanent home.  Hopefully it’s not in the walls of their house or in the attic.  The pictures below are of typical swarms.  If you have a large cluster of honeybees hanging on a branch or other structure and would like them removed and live in the Harvest-Monrovia, Madison or Toney area please contact us at 256-837-2208 or 256-508-9809 (cell) or email us at drohe@knology.net.


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