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Equipment - Processing

For processing your honey harvest, buy the best equipment you can afford.  After all you are going to use it for a long time.  You can go relatively very low cost and squeeze your honey out of crushed comb through cheese cloth or just cut the honey comb into squares and sell it as comb honey.  Or you can purchase an extractor and reuse your honey comb year after year.  I use an 18 frame motorized extractor and heated bottling tank from Mann Lake.  I also use a heated cappings melter , a wax separator, and an electric thermostatically controlled uncapping  knife from Kelly.  I highly recommend that whatever equipment you get that it be constructed of stainless steel or sturdy plastic.  Some older equipment used galvanized steel which in my experience will suffer from rust problems sooner or later.  Also specs and flakes of zinc in your honey doesn’t look very appealing.

18 frame radial extractor

Heated bottling tank

Cappings melter and wax separating bucket

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